Virtual Conference Room

Virtual Conference Room

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Voicepro Audio Conference room is here and it couldn't be easier:

Suitable User

  • Any business looking for cheap reliable conferencing services
  • Looking for feature rich but cost effective solutions

Key Features 

  • Up to 50 inbound callers at one time (talk to us if you need more)
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world (via a touch-tone phone, mobile or VOiP)
  • No installation costs
  • Permanent numbers assigned to your company ready and waiting for your conference
  • No booking required
  • Supervisor login code
  • Guest login codes 
  • Lockable inbound caller id (company mobiles only etc)
  • No time limits
  • Caller mute options
  • Volume increase/decrease options
  • No Contract, No Setup Fees, No Termination Fee
  • One off monthly fee, except Toll Free numbers that incur the below per minute, per caller charges 
  • Call Recording of conference call will then be emailed directly to company assigned email
  • plus more features 


Quick Inbound Toll Overview for Toll Free Numbers 

  • 0.06c Local per minute
  • 0.10c National per minute
  • 0.29c Mobile per minute

Porting an Existing Number?

  • one off $10 per National Number Port
  • one off $20 per Toll Free Number Port

    If you are unsure please check with us. 

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    Do you think you might need some onsite assistance? Contact us for a quote or choose Auckland Installation on selected items.


    **Auckland Handset Install: includes our $50 site visit fee and the $90 first hour on site, extra time will be charged at $90 per hour thereafter, plus GST and any extra equipment like patch panels etc.**

    **Auckland Handset Install does not include the port required for connecting some devices, please check with us or your PBX maintainer that your system has room for the ordered equipment and check you have ordered or already have the correct licencing for the ordered devices,**


    **Auckland PBX Install: includes full install, programming, labelling and training onto existing cabling and networks if ordering an iP solution, and not ordering additional network hardware (data cabling required for some models).**

    **Auckland PBX Install does not include any cabling, re-wiring, cabling hardware like patch panels, outlets etc.**


    If you need further assitance or if you are unsure please Email:

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    and anything else Telco


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