Verse iP Dect Base Station

Verse iP Dect Base Station

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Verse IP DECT - SME VoIP The IP DECT – SME VoIP is a complete turnkey solution offering a scalability not seen before in this segment. This allows the system to grow from 1 to 40 bases and up to 200 users. Furthermore, Verse also provides two different high quality color screen CAT-iq handsets supporting the wideband audio functionality in the base station. The IP DECT – SME VoIP supports

Suitable User

  • Office with large DECT coverage requirements 
  • Nurseries
  • Manufacturing and retail floors
  • Car and Truck Rental Lots
  • Storage Facilities
  • Caravan Parks
  • Farms
  • Large Campus environments  


Key Features

  • DECT standards in all major regions in the world. Seamless handover and repeater support are two major advantages besides the superior scalability and audio quality. Therefore the customer can focus on its core business while RTX Hong Kong Ltd. delivers a complete IP DECT solution, comprising state-of-the-art hardware and software.

    200 users (200 handsets registered) Scalable from 1 to 40 bases, wth seamless handover 10 narrow band audio channels per base 4 CAT-iq wideband audio channels per base G.726, G.711 and optional G.729 narrow band codec G.722 wideband codec

    Wideband Voice (HDSP) Basic and Extended 12 Slot radio with up to 10 voice channels active Worldwide Radio power levels / frequency bands Scalable system from 1 to 40 bases in same network 200 users (200 handsets registered) Power over Ethernet Over the Air synchronization Support software download to wireless terminals LED status indication Seamless handover Repeater support

    Wideband Audio (G.722) 2’’ TFT display with graphical user interface 176 x 220 pixel 262K color Well-proven graphical MMI with wallpapers Polyphonic ringtones Phonebook: 200 central and 100 local entries GAP and CAT-iq compliant Headset connector (3.5mm) SW upgrade over-the-air Wideband two-way speaker phone mode Vibrator

    10 audio channels using G.726 / G711 codec 10 audio channels using G.729 (optional DSP) 4 CAT-iq wideband audio channels using G.722 RFC3711 SRTP

    Talk time: >18 hours Standby: >200 hours

  • DECT
    Frequency bands coverage: DECT, EU/AU/NZ, US/CA, TW & LATAM Four power levels (14, 17, 20 and 24 dBm) Seamless handover using Connection Handover Wideband Voice (HDSP) Basic Interoperability, Phase I (CAT-iq 1.0) Authentication / Encryption of base and handset
    2 internal omni-directional antennas Range: Indoor: 50m and Outdoor: 300m
    Repeaters supported Fast antenna diversity switching Synchronization via air interface
    200 users (200 handsets registered) 40 bases can be connected into one PBX system
    TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS for remote configuration and firmware download VLAN DHCP options 66 and custom Embedded web server for easy configuration
    Power over Ethernet (PoE): IEEE 802.3af Class 2 Peak power 3.84 to 6.49W
    Connector: RJ 45 Interface to IP network: 10/100 BASE-T IEEE802.3 IPv6 support IPSec
    Housing: IP20 imensions: 227 x 279 x 39mm (HxWxD) Temperature Range: - 5˚ to + 55˚
    LED status indication Firmware update


    • LCD


    • Features

      As above

    • Programmable Buttons

      Phonebook for up to 100 local plus system names and numbers

    • Caller ID Display (CLI)


    • Connectivity

      POE/Ethernet SiP/VOiP Port

    This product requires a spare PBX port to operate and possibly licencing, if you are unsure please check with us. 

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