Samsung SCM Cloud Compact and Express VOiP PBX Solutions

Samsung SCM Cloud Compact and Express VOiP PBX Solutions

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Samsung SCM Compact and Express Designed for you
The SCM Compact solution is designed to cost effectively and efficiently solve mobility management challenges, while helping businesses become more agile, improve operational efficiencies and enhance customer satisfaction.
Scalability and reliability
Supporting up to 512+ phones in a single site or thousands of users in a multisite network, this robust communication platform keeps everyone and everything connected with true convergence. The SCM offers the scalability your business requires, while providing the reliability you need to keep your business growing at all times.

Powerful and reliable
Specially designed to handle increasing and evolving voice and data traffic patterns, the Samsung SCM supports traditional voice communications, Voice over IP (VoIP), IP-based data communications and wireless solutions, serving your employees’ individual needs and maximizing their productivity at work.
Ideal for efficient operations
This platform is a simple, all-in-one solution that helps you minimize management and maintenance costs. The SCM's suite of applications connect your staff to your system’s call processing and management tools, helping create the best combination of people, technology and processes to efficiently serve your customers.
Secure communication system
The Samsung SCM provides you with VoIP Security/Encryption for Commercial compliance and Voicemail to email gateway with SSL/TSL security.

• Supports up to 512 phones
• Powerful and reliable
• Ideal for efficient operations
• Secure communication system

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Do you think you might need some onsite assistance? Contact us for a quote or choose Auckland Installation on selected items.


**Auckland Handset Install: includes our $50 site visit fee and the $90 first hour on site, extra time will be charged at $90 per hour thereafter, plus GST and any extra equipment like patch panels etc.**

**Auckland Handset Install does not include the port required for connecting some devices, please check with us or your PBX maintainer that your system has room for the ordered equipment and check you have ordered or already have the correct licencing for the ordered devices,**


**Auckland PBX Install: includes full install, programming, labelling and training onto existing cabling and networks if ordering an iP solution, and not ordering additional network hardware (data cabling required for some models).**

**Auckland PBX Install does not include any cabling, re-wiring, cabling hardware like patch panels, outlets etc.**


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