Internet Dedicated Access

Internet Dedicated Access

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Dedicated Fibre or HSNS Connections supporting business critical applications with reliable, high speed connectivity.

    Suitable User

    • Emailing
    • Fast browsing
    • Sending/Receiving large files 
    • Perfect for Real-time business applications, Inter-branch VOIP, Gaming/Video Streaming 

    Basic Fine Print 

    • 12 Month Contract.
    • Speeds, Stated speeds are based on theoretical maximums, and actual speeds will be affected by various factors including NZ and overseas networks, your modem and computer technology including WiFi capability, internal wiring and other environmental factors.
    • Availability, There are a number of factors that can affect whether or not you can get Dedicated Access at your premises. For this reason and the other reasons set out here we do not guarantee service until installation is complete and your line has been tested.
    • Hardware, Optional Extra as rental or Outright purchase.
    • Installation, Install prices are subject to feasibility, Standard HSNS Installations are usually $549 Standard Fibre Installations are usually $995.00 however these are subject to confirmation during the qualification process.


    If you are unsure please check with us. 

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    Do you think you might need some onsite assistance? Contact us for a quote or choose Auckland Installation on selected items.


    **Auckland Handset Install: includes our $50 site visit fee and the $90 first hour on site, extra time will be charged at $90 per hour thereafter, plus GST and any extra equipment like patch panels etc.**

    **Auckland Handset Install does not include the port required for connecting some devices, please check with us or your PBX maintainer that your system has room for the ordered equipment and check you have ordered or already have the correct licencing for the ordered devices,**


    **Auckland PBX Install: includes full install, programming, labelling and training onto existing cabling and networks if ordering an iP solution, and not ordering additional network hardware (data cabling required for some models).**

    **Auckland PBX Install does not include any cabling, re-wiring, cabling hardware like patch panels, outlets etc.**


    If you need further assitance or if you are unsure please Email:

    Everything you need for VoIP

    and anything else Telco


    If you're interested in a personlised cloud PBX quote or would like to find out if we can offer a more cost effective and better serviced solution, then send us a quick email.



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